What Life Took From Me Poem by john chizoba vincent

What Life Took From Me

Rating: 4.8

The last time i saw her
Was in my bedroom as a heir
The last time we spoke
Was in my heart with a poke

memories and pains
The day the sky bled rain
Shadows of her last days
Time dare not erase
O miss sage of old
Could this be the end of the road
O my noble muse
Once more, my soul amuse
Life has taken you from me
And my life is no longer the same
How can i found love tomorrow
when yesterday after a pain so hallow
i wish to begin you a story that will never end
Straight tales that would never bend
If life could be but fair
Wishes i bet, could be rare
For is it not best my ears be deaf
So i hear no more this whisper of death
If sorrow be no more better chef
Why let her serve me a meal of agony on earth
Give me reasons not to cry
And i will give you a hundred why i wish to die
For what if tomorrow should start without me
The sun rises and am not her to see
I sleep beside that dreaded lake wishing to die
before i wake
so i behold the sweet amaranthine
And give thee that that is solely thine
A world in my ark
Cry in the dark
When will this pain go?
when shall i see the rain bow?

life took my love from me
And my life is no longer the same

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Saturday, January 3, 2015
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Bernard Snyder 03 January 2015

Absolutely brilliant! An amazingly written poem of sorrow. One of the best I've read so far. Thanks for sharing!

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