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Untitled - Poem by Compton Wright

While the bitterness runs deep in my colder side of my heart where the hatred manifest
So it's time for a double standard! Ok! So how about when you make me cry when you
Push me away when I make one simple mistake and then blowing it into a nuclear bomb
Full of sadness and depression…as the main purpose of the heart crafted its shield for
Others to never break or harm it with their words or actions as I have to be strong for
Myself to keep my sanity from falling out of my mindset while the illusions are bending
My reality as questioning my friends if they are real or they are mere magic tricks by
The Lucifer by trying to disguise themselves as sheer serpents putting their venoms
Inside my soul which taunts it with their wants of corruption into rotting its existence

So I proceed down the path where I can see my lover she thinks she doesn't test me but
Not fully understanding that when I talk to her it's like a chess game while targeting what's
Going to make her happy or if will make her to push me away and letting me be alone with
Nothing to hold onto but my loneliness and the shadow that you left right beside me in order
To tell me that you were here and that you left your mark that you are not playing with guys
Who are not trying to please your wants and needs upon insuring that you'll be happy or not

Completely drained by the amount of pain and suffering of never understanding that you'll
Never realized that I'm been waiting for this moment for us to become one within our hearts
But yet you seeing the lies of the past exes echoing disturbing promises as they burn into ashes
As the dust catches your eyes and leaving you blind…you never see the truth that I can project out
The promises I created I'm a man of my word and my honor is on the line as well as my trust to you

I trying to do what I can do for you as I don't care about myself but the others that came to this world
For love and happiness like I had but I see my future that I'm never find love it's rawest form but yet
I know its passionate nature as I continue to express it to anyone I think deserve it in a way but really
Tired of proving myself to you or everyone as I'll take my walk away from everyone until they are ready

While I sit and watch their actions upon the situation given to you as would they throw me away?
Like I was a piece of garbage like the rest of the others that they trusted or will they treat me like
Their brother/sister…time will tell now! Something I precious the most now….

Poet's Notes about The Poem

"Seeing that there is no title for this session of constant thoughts of the young troubled poet
I think it's best for the poet speaks for itself and let my words find the title for you and let you
Judge what you think the poem as when it hits you I hope you feel my feelings I let out here
Line after line, stanza after stanza…..poem after poem….will this poem has some purpose"

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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