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30 October 2019

'Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! '

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Transubstantianting Jonnie

I drain the dead milk in the water

I've sown the distended gut of the father

I fragment the gale of contagion

I sing out, mingle bellows with winded oration

Death settle over me

and everywhere I frequent

It's the self evident truth- Factually I age

Despair overcomes the years' progress

Darkening of day

No relent

My tears every moment congeal to lead.

Said lead affects my motions

Wound words-never forgotten never read

Over-inbred vermin with a spark of speech

make foul my daily ration

White paint scrawled over brick, the white

paint of my barred tomb: Who breaks

the seal or peers, everpresent, at my blight

Can you make fresh and fragrant this leaden flesh bread?

All over this existence I perceive

One has two options: to make null perception

or to make null almost everything perceived

It's as yet beyond my means

to make perfect conception

All I can do is negate this material

Negate the cars the shit the apes the lights

this leaden inside

The negation with pleasure- the fruit grown from bile

The sneers of convention: The mediocrites' remains

may be recyclable!

For the future, the past is a kicked gut

I redeem this temporal smut

Can I transubstantiate, bloody, in this pit of noxious rust?

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Michael Ó Domhnaill Popularity

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