Valerie Poem by Bryan Norton


There was a woman named Valerie
Who stayed at home with family
She never made a brand new start
Or had to heal a broken heart
Her life was just a daily routine
A never ending dreary scene
She never had to think too much
Her friends were never out of touch
One magic night she had a dream
She saw herself upon a stream
A stream that swept her gentle and free
In a bright red raft to the deep blue sea
The current carried her along
And sang a sad sweet siren song
Which made her close her eyes and sleep
Protected by whales from the deep
Refreshed by the wind she awoke with a smile
On a beautiful white sand desert isle
And very soon she was aware
That no one else was with her there
The island fruit about her feet
Exceeded any worldly treat
And breathing fresh clean ocean air
She soon forgot to worry and care
Within this clime sublime and sweet
She knew her life was incomplete
Then suddenly she left her dream
But in her eyes there was a gleam
A new expanding point of view
Which told this woman what to do
She packed a bag not used before
And left to travel ever more

Monday, December 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
Captain Cur 04 September 2018

To live, to love, to dream not necessarily in that order. This poem is a true gem, very well polished I might add. I hope Valerie discovers more of herself in her travels as we discover more of ourselves in our poems.

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Bryan Norton 05 September 2018

Thank you, Captain Cur. I look forward to reading more of your poems soon. You mentioned Louis Rams. Is he your favorite poet on Poemhunter? Do you have a favorite poet of all-time?

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Bryan Norton

Bryan Norton

Napa, California
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