Verse - 5 Poem by Xavier Mandreza

Verse - 5

Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, that Everyday, Mister Morning would greet you Hello,
Throwing his Arms around you with a Nice, Warm Embrace?
And when his Cloak grew too Fiery, he wants you to let go,
Saying: 'Well done, Little Girl! Well done below! '

And despite Mister Morning wiping the Tears off your Face,
You still have the Courage to Smile.

Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, on Certain Occasions, Brother River shed his Tears,
The same Tears which Mister Morning tries to wipe-off but never remove?
I think he wants you to chase him along the Hard-and-Pebbly Road,
Little Lady of the Plym,
But seeing as how slippery the Hard-and-Pebbly Road can be
You threw a Pebble instead; And scratched his Weary Face,
And because you scared him he ran across the Hard-and-Pebbly Road,
Telling you not to call his Name again.

But despite Brother River leaving you alone to play,
You still managed to wave back and Smile.

Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, on your Special Day, the Polish sits by your Lap,
Begging you to smoothen its Fur, as Ebony as the Night
And when you did, its Ears withdrew and shed a Grateful Tear
As you allowed it to share your Young and Cuddly Warmth
And because of this Selfless and Heroic Act of yours
The Moomin gave up the Hunt; And chased for an easier Pet
Then the Polish, in its Victory, wiggled its Nose to sing its Best, Silent Song.

So despite the Moomin snuffing at you for stealing its Hug,
You shouted, 'Good-Bye! ' And made One Last Smile.

So then, why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

I don't see anything out there that would Inspire you to do so:
Mister Morning, Brother River, The Moomin or The Polish,
All wanted your Secret so they can Smile for themselves.

But as soon as they saw that Candle burning inside your Heart,
They knew at last why you kept on Smiling, Little Lady of the Plym.

Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Xavier Mandreza

Xavier Mandreza

Makati City, Philippines
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