Xavier Mandreza Poems

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Verse - 1

I would like to find my Quintessence;

But where is HE? In a Place called HEART,

Verse - 2

I see a Balloon
Floating up high in the Air
Making Faces now.

Verse - 3

To the Noble One, Him I will call SIR:
Inspire us with your Legacy, dear Captain of the Plym!
May your Spirit live on; Your Soul everlasting
That Generations from and beyond your Lineage

Verse - 4

Though I may never see them Dance
Or Marvel at their Art beneath the Sea
My Faith dictates a Potential Romance:
'Behold their Atlantic Beauty! '

Verse - 5

Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, that Everyday, Mister Morning would greet you Hello,
Throwing his Arms around you with a Nice, Warm Embrace?

Verse - 6

I wouldn't want to lie
Nor fix anything around
Than to write something sweet
On the Poem I knew nothing a-bout.

Verse - 7

I never wrote a Poem
That meant Music to my Life
As if Cardinals sing
To the Harmony they bring.

Verse - 8

Give me a Chance to sing out my Days
Then by the Next Few Hours I shall be well again
Counting over my Memories' Tune
Which stood by me all Afternoon.

Verse - 9

The Spider climbs Walls
To make a Web of Fortune
For the Careless Fly.

Verse - 10

A certain young Sea-Voyager,
Came up to the Pier and told
His Cheeky Friends this Torried Tale:

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