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I would like to find my Quintessence;

But where is HE? In a Place called HEART,

I see a Balloon
Floating up high in the Air
Making Faces now.

To the Noble One, Him I will call SIR:
Inspire us with your Legacy, dear Captain of the Plym!
May your Spirit live on; Your Soul everlasting
That Generations from and beyond your Lineage

Though I may never see them Dance
Or Marvel at their Art beneath the Sea
My Faith dictates a Potential Romance:
'Behold their Atlantic Beauty! '

Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, that Everyday, Mister Morning would greet you Hello,
Throwing his Arms around you with a Nice, Warm Embrace?

I wouldn't want to lie
Nor fix anything around
Than to write something sweet
On the Poem I knew nothing a-bout.

I never wrote a Poem
That meant Music to my Life
As if Cardinals sing
To the Harmony they bring.

Give me a Chance to sing out my Days
Then by the Next Few Hours I shall be well again
Counting over my Memories' Tune
Which stood by me all Afternoon.

The Spider climbs Walls
To make a Web of Fortune
For the Careless Fly.

A certain young Sea-Voyager,
Came up to the Pier and told
His Cheeky Friends this Torried Tale:

Then in the Time of Darkness,
That Frightful Event which me failed to harness,

The same Winds of Terror, with Spears of Rain,

Wiping some Salt and Sand in me eyes,
I finally found what I cames to find:

A mass of Silt, which ran like Ants in-land,

If there is a Place in which
One would Love to be
Is that Someplace where all is Filled
With Beautiful Imagery.

I am a True Filipino
Of one Spirit, one Blood
Of one Nation, one Hope
Of one God, one Future.

Sleep, dear Solemn Dream; But wake another Day
Climb as high as Everest; But never say
That Good Shows and Sweet Roses are Bitter Lies
Nor would the Manuscript of your Destiny despise

Only the Sight of Paradise is a Just Reward
Not far from what your Thoughts could give
A Silent Remark from a Note as before
Should have wrangled my Pride closed-down with a Lid

Lend me a Lance to stab my Water-Borne Killer
Before he destroys every Feather in my Soul
I would make sure he does not harm your Sisters
Nor chance himself to make me a part of his Whole

Across the Atlantic you will carry His Message
The Truth shall be Known; And a wider Passage
Scoops out a Brand-New Trait with an Attitude
Responsible for the Waves which rape the Land all-nude

In Manila your World will be known; Be at Hope
When the Pen which you carry will take a Note
At your Shy Merits impervious to such Pain
And Distance sought will be closer to you again

An Excited Stranger
Saw the Girl of his Dreams
And immediately Clouds formed on-high
Forming a very Romantic Piece

Xavier Mandreza Biography

Born in Makati City, Philippines on 02 September 1977 under the star sign of Virgo.)

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Verse - 1

I would like to find my Quintessence;

But where is HE? In a Place called HEART,

Where the Dove perched high above the Tree

Would someday in its Instinct land upon my Knee.

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Xavier Mandreza Popularity

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