Vertiginous View Poem by matthew harris

Vertiginous View

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High athwart global sphere
planet Earth doth app pear
tubby totally tubular as a mere
twinkling gem devoid of lesions from hare
brained schemes to exploit near
Gaea, where
legions of self aggrandizement tear
ring (if necessary take a detour)into all four corners
of terrestrial firmae orb queer
hull us wreaking indiscriminate havoc,

yet blithe dismissal mare
ring greedily inducing
brass knuckle sandwich lobbed punches
punctuating each pugilisitc
jude dee ish us punch with denunciatory jeer

accompanied in situ with a malicious glare
destroying staunch
eco-friendly advocates tabulated violations
kept under lock and key within filing cabinet dossier
to hell rants Donald Trump and his miscreants
in reference viz those "FAKE" defiant, hippo critical
defenders of Earth, wind, fire, and air

subject to rampant wanton (soup per)discrediting
substantiated scientifically airtight conclusion,
sans irrefutable linkedin cause and effect
against human perpetrators rampant environmental abuse

pegged since first Margarita
signaled flickr ring instagram ming
industrial age crowdsourcing,
crowing, crowning deuce
ex machina leveling landscape until

scoured bowels of oblate spheroid glacis loose
to wring and extract sought after mineral wealth
essentially wrenching, hammering, nailing cinch,
which global gem analogous
to affixing polaroid, polarized noose
specific metals deemed precious
justifying reckless ramifications thin as gruel excuse
whereat said esteemed Mother Nature privy ledges
sheared to extract vis a vis akin to a sluice

industrial machinations insyc -
dynamited, sheared, sound blasted to rob
(point blank with no criminal sentence) ,
especially when conglomerate
conspiratorial corporations
violated most every truce

boot at bottom, any vow to tender flora and fauna,
a dead letter steeped in violations ruse
vitiate prior drafted conservation pacts signed, sealed
and delivered with "faux" obeissance

uttering lame excuse
in an effort to squeeze and seize
(by aggressive means if necessary) , the goose
that laid golden eggs intended to line deep purple pockets -
brushing aside accusations with VAMOOSE,

particularly to marginilized Native Americans
already a shadow of their former glory,
but production even at the expense of
slo-mo genocide annihilation a road block
to sought after mineral deposits juiced

waiting for opportunity to rake landscape bare
as the Moon (with a eh "No big deal attitude) "
indiscriminately sowing seeds of bleakness
via uprooting, scraping,

and pulverizing plants and animals
such as Bull Winkle the moose
and crown such egregious destruction
claimed as righteousness purportedly pinpointed

within religious texts to render unto haven
of innocent creatures, and other organic life,
the God sent email to reduce
once resplendent oblate spheroid,
now nothing but a wasteland
even a nightmare to Doctor Zeus!

Vertiginous View
Sunday, November 26, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: biology,chemistry,ecology,geology
Kumarmani Mahakul 26 November 2017

Even a nightmare to Doctor Zeus! amazes mind to organic life. This universe is mysteriously perceived time to time. A brilliant poem is well presented.10

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