Virgin White Poem by PAUL COLVIN

Virgin White

She came out of the darkness
And crept through the night
Wandering by graves
In her dress virgin white
The lace collar ruffled,
The silk seemed to flow
In a breeze that was lit
By the moon’s silver glow.
Why had she come here,
Her lover to find?
Where did she go to,
Was she out of her mind?
Then she stopped by a headstone
And gently bent down
And read out a letter
As she knelt on the ground
Please forgive me my darling,
I know I’ve done wrong
I’ll always love you
And have all along
But that night when you found me
Spelled out the end
When wrapped in the arms
Of your so-called best friend.
Love didn’t happen
And I cannot pretend
If you hadn’t found us
Love would not ascend.
You died broken hearted
And I know I’m to blame
And the guilt that I carry proves
I carry the shame
Now I’ve come to join you,
If you’ll have me tonight
And the dress that I wear,
Is still virgin white.

Virginia Pecho Gely 07 January 2012

This poem is so vivid as one of the paintings of Monet. The words are the brushes of colors in a canvas. This is a great masterpiece! 10 ++++++

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Shadow Girl 06 October 2011

wow..really beautiful poetry with a sad tale running through it...loved it. -SG

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