Voices I Hear Poem by Randy McClave

Voices I Hear

Voices I hear
And they are not dear,
They bring me sadness and no cheer
They even bring me fear.
I hear them always at night
I hear them in daylight,
Them I cannot fight
I hear them with fright.
Whenever I am alone
I still hear their repetitive tone,
To them I am famously known
They always moan.
I hear them when I count sheep
I hear them when I sleep,
Worries I now keep
I hear them when I weep.
I hear voices when I walk
They are whispering when I talk,
They chat when I balk
I hear them mock.
I hear voices when I drink
And I hear them when I think
I hear them when I sink
And I hear them when I'm in the pink.
I hear voices when I pray
But, salvation they do not say,
They are speaking to me everyday
Every second, is a replay.
I hear voices when I'm with friends
And when I'm doing odds and ends,
When I try to make amends
The voices transcends.
I hear voices all the time
With other voices they always chime,
They treat me like grime
Away fromthat anguish I can't climb.
I always hear the voices speak
They purposely make me weak,
Help I always seek
But, there is no help for the sinning meek.
I hear the voices when I am ill
Me they constantly grill,
The voices are all real
They have destroyed my will.
I will hear the voices when I die
Of course no-one will cry,
The voices continually ask me why;
Why did I lie.

Randy L. McClave

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: guilt,judgement,lies,shame
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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