Vote To Cure Poem by N N P Parameswaran(Nasarudheen.P)

Vote To Cure

Votes mould the lot of my nation:
Antibiotic are them in democratic fashion.
To kill the fungi of corruption
That one must use with patriotic caution.
Let us not live like worms
But every moment like roaring lions
So Swami Vivekananda, quoth.
The model for Nationalist Youth.
“Pax Romana” made England great
Alfred, the king there was great
Queen Elizabeth First was cunning
And led the nation with power and progress.
Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Mao groom
Their nations symbols of pride and spirit-
While the Eurocentric history.defame them.
I smell the pus of oozing Orientalism
From the wounds of rude Occidental assault.
Capitalist viruses, Materialist bacteria
Swimming in veins of my poor Mother India
Fungi of corruption bloom, spread
On her sore tissues before her silent children:
Elder ones are glad in Rest Houses foreign,
At their ball dances and in bar bottles
While younger ones creep and beg for
Food, clothing and shelter here;
For healthy body, mind and schools.
Drinks and drugs and games for fame
Lure the masked elite with eyes-lids drooping
Who sit oblivious of their national duty
To vote and mould our national pride
Curing the ills of our aged Mother Land.

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