Harindhar Reddy

Freshman - 852 Points (Sept/19/1983 / Haliya, Hyderabad, India)

Vroom-Zoom, In A Bunco Game - Human Rats Meet Damn Doom - Reverse Etheree - Poem by Harindhar Reddy

(Reverse Etheree with devices, Anecdote, Climax, Pun & Symbolism)
Vroom-groom! Zip-zapper, Hara fox-trotted
Gipsy dance, fandango to Hari's
Glissando - Creative crack, Brahma
Ash-keyed fauna with flora,
Nature jigged zambra - thrive
Bluebells, daffodils -
Owls-hoot, Falcons
Chant, Men-grin,

Zoom, va-va-voom Brit spears jived jitterbug
Jazzed Hambo, hora to Hans Zimmer's
Pipe - are in trance, souls fans', goblin
Slaved them in a hobo camp,
Juju - deity - dybbuk
Wizard - lizard, A-Z
Mozo to rat
Via robot
Hexed - damn,

Lion roared at IIIT with knighthood, Lorenzo,
Sent to Sussex via Web ‘X' - 'rats belled
A cat, a fable; cats gripped my
Neck, a trouble; don't know why?
They flimflammed me - canned with
Out cane, blamed, tamed; tripped
My wings yet asked
To fly' razzed
He, in

Zugzwang - whole world, a stage, all players die, trolled
Shakespeare… Earth's a trap offers cheese tempts
Everyone to touch bait, fall rattrap
Peddlers, Selma drawled… Bunco
Game - a wrestling ring ‘lion
Vs gladiator', both
Won, Knocked down in
Blood - Live as
Rats, poet

(C) Copyrights 2012 @ harindhar reddy

My earnest regards to all poets who either read/like/review this.
- - - - -x- - - -
Regards 2 Charles Darnell & Heather Burns either for their Advice

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Topic(s) of this poem: Life

Poet's Notes about The Poem

1) Zipper-zapper = sb who is fast..2) Hara = Lord Shiva 3) Hari = Lord 4) Brahma = almighty 5) Ash-keyed = sown (sown seeds of ash tree) 5) zambra, Hora, Hambo, Jitterbug are all dances.6) Goblin = supernatural creature that troubles humans 7) juju = magic spell,8) Zugzwang = popular chess move.8) Hans Zimmer = Hollywood Music composer.8) Selma Lager-of = famous writer....

Gist: Stanza 1) God created animal kingdom with trees. Human are mere part of it. U may dream Primitive era!

Stanza - 2) symbolism is employed. When people are in trance while enjoying music and dance, goblin Enslaved by reading magic spell where Deity became Demon, A to Z, even Human race is changed (man to robot then to rat)

Stanza 3) Protagonist was facing problems involved in the rat race (fighting for everything but takes nothing when he dies (leads his life like rat fighting for food)

Stanza 4) I Quoted Shakespeare and Selma Lager-of and ended with my own quote.
by (C) Copyright @ Harindhar Reddy
Glossary/Novel words
1) fox-trotted, fandango, zambra, jitterbug, Hambo, hora = different forms dances 2) Hans Zimmer's = famous music director 3) Glissando = music 4) goblin = (folklore) a small grotesque supernatural creature that makes trouble for human beings 5) Jujued = chanted magic spell 6) Zugzwang = (chess) a situation in which a player is forced to make a move.
(*Note: Vroom-groom = exclamation word coined newly by me (onomatopoeia) Hari-hari = Oh my god (a new word coined by me, Hope you enjoy my creating new words. Dear LIONIZED poets, your review on these my new word is duly appreciated. Waiting for Your RESPONSE.....................)

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