Waiting For That Night Poem by Tameeka Smith

Waiting For That Night

Rating: 4.3

I am soooooooo looking forward
To laying beside you
For just one night
Breaking some of my rules
Not just one or two
I am talking about a few
You just don't know
What I want to do
I look forward to
Planting kisses
On those sexy lips
Of yours
Feeling your skin
Against my finger tips
Rubbing your back
Laying my head on your shoulder
The thoughts in my head
Are getting bolder
After all I am becomimg older
I know what I want
And I go for it
Without a second thought
If there is anything
That life has taught
Anything worth having
A battle has to be faught
So I am going forward
With my plans
Wanting us to see
One another as quick
As we can
The thought feels
So right
I am sooooooo
Waiting for that night

Rajnish Manga 08 February 2016

Beautifully articulated thoughts about having an intimate relationship nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing, Tameeka. I would like to quote the following two lines unfolding a philosophy: Anything worth having / A battle has to be faught

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Tameeka Smith 08 February 2016

Thank you Rajnish for reading my poem! Have a beautiful day and awesome week!

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