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Walking Through The Storm

Rating: 5.0
As the tears roll down my weary face
Red from the duration of pain I suffered
I blink to visualise my bearings
Through watery eyes I see as best as I can

Determinedly stepping through the barrier
Once held in place for the protection of my wellbeing
My mentality is on ice, facing its fear of the hell that lies below
Is this what it takes to be a man?

I step blindly and boldly
Braving my own storm, I traverse weary of my own strength
Treating each step as my last to be had
I tread with the utmost care

The harsh storm batters me side to side
With fierce tears from years of resilience
The wails of a forlorn soul bitter with vexation
Left for dead asphyxiating in its own dispair

The hellbent wind jostling me violently
The blizzard, infiltrating my skin and my mind
Attacking me and hastily infecting me with hate
I swell up with anger and heartfelt emotion

I bury my frosted head into my chest and shield my eyes
Marching on as a soldier would
Defiant of the likely outcome I pursue what I believe to be the cause
Of my deep-rooted evil with otherworldly devotion...

The storm abruptly succumbs to my endeavor
I near the end of the road, feeling my body disintergrate
Slowly into a void of non-existence
As I slowly begin to calmly resurface my shielded face

The wailing of the wandering soul
Dies down to utter silence, leaving behind a frozen vessel
Standing tall, complaisant, content
In this battlefield turned vast, empty, inescapable space

I disappear within a second, fading
Into the atmosphere I can only describe as
The dark side of my mentality, as I gaze into the mirror
The mirror of my soul, through my penetrating eyes

'Walked through another storm' I utter to myself
As I entered into the frozen Devil's lair I staggered to the other side
And exited a colder individual, with the mental scars all over
Blanketed in a shield of determination, I continue the path of life
Frankie Kamara
Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Reminds me of how it felt when I battled against myself to overcome a certain thought that was eating away at me

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