swatee sripada

Walking Together - Poem by swatee sripada

Long back

When you were you

And I was I

We walked together side by side

Trying to keep our thoughts

Hand in hand

Fumbling for sameness

And painting for an abstract future

We walked together awake or in slumber

Holding the thought of togetherness

In the midst of a vortex


We walked together

Step in step

When I became you

And you became me

We walked miles together

Having together a sip of life

Even if it was sweet or elixir

Bitter or with venom

Tasting each other's tears

imaging inner souls and

flying high and falling down to hell

we walked together


a thought of teasing

you vanish as a dewdropp

but still we walk together

it's not for others but I feel your touch

holding my little finger

to transfer unseen strength

to complete the journey

we walk together

my slow steps in your long strides

my tired soul

getting consoled in your unseen hands

my feathery body

leaning on your shoulder

we walk together

day and night

till the twilight of life

we walk together

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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