Kristinahh KIMBER


Just another widow

I watched him leave
walking slow steady steps out the front door
small hidden tears falling down his cheeks
every simple second felt like an agonizing hour
waiting, just waiting for my love to return
the brightness of each morning turned to deep shadowing dark
the clocks hands beating almost as fast as my untamed heart
why did he go? why did he leave me?
knowing that your darling will not renturn
gives you the worst bottomless feeling
but just the little hope, burning off just a little flame
into your open heart, stabs
like a deadly knife
hurting you once again
, grow poppys grow
help me remember the one that i lost
for ive learned to like the pain
and no more stabs could break my heart again
i will just have to live with the heartache
and remember the one who gave his life
for the country he loved
i just wish he loved me more</3

just a hero

walking down those deadly steps
watching her heart break in 2
almost made the tears come out
but heros dont cry, and all i want to be is her hero
i hide my tears with a salut and a kiss of goodbyes
'I promis ill return my love, and i have never lied'
marching down the country roads
awaiting the loud roars of the guns
'im doing this for her' i say
im doing this for her
running against the steady aims
of the ones we call the enemy
the blistering winds against my face
pounding just as steady as my heart
i saw the eyes of the ones we shot
just before they died
they taught us killing was just a game
just a silly game of remember
i watched may die as they stood side by side
a sudden pain then filled my heart
this war wasnt even then worth winning
if it taught that killing was just a game
the poppys then bloomed, trying to open my eyes
the black and white colour was then faded
the red of my blood matched the red of the flower
and the hurting had almost subsided
'I did this for her' i epeat to myself
i died for the one i love i say again,
and im sorry i broke my promise

Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 6, 2008

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