Kristinahh KIMBER

Rookie (June7th/92* / T.DOT)

Kristinahh KIMBER Poems

1. While On Lifes Roads 2/3/2007
2. A Cure For The Broken 2/3/2007
3. An Invisible Girl 2/3/2007
4. Dance In Awe 2/3/2007
5. The Pieces Of Friendship 2/3/2007
6. If. 2/3/2007
7. I Cried Again 2/4/2007
8. In Spite Of It All 2/4/2007
9. Eternity 2/4/2007
10. Captured 2/4/2007
11. Cupids Many Arrows 2/4/2007
12. The Typical Story 2/11/2007
13. My Valentines 2/13/2007
14. She Cries Too 2/13/2007
15. I Wish I Loved You 2/15/2007
16. The Air Is Love Infected 2/17/2007
17. Loving Her Could Kill You 2/20/2007
18. I Did Nothing For Him 2/28/2007
19. Lekisslekisstheend 3/2/2007
20. Broken Silence 3/2/2007
21. Whipped Of My Skin 4/16/2007
22. The Bride 4/19/2007
23. Promise 6/19/2007
24. Know Me, Love Me 7/25/2007
25. Him 12/23/2007
26. Love Is 12/24/2007
27. What Love It 12/24/2007
28. Aching 1/6/2008
29. An Angels Eye 1/6/2008
30. Blind 1/6/2008
31. No Longer 1/6/2008
32. If Only Love Could Hit Me 1/6/2008
33. Healing 1/6/2008
34. Smile 1/6/2008
35. My Shining Star 1/6/2008
36. On The Wings Of Chance 1/6/2008
37. Our Language 1/6/2008
38. The Little Box 1/6/2008
39. Lying With You 2/3/2007
40. Everlasting Tears 2/3/2007

Comments about Kristinahh KIMBER

  • Steven Pizarro (2/11/2007 7:37:00 PM)

    Hey...I like a lot of your poems. And I wrote three more as you asked for (Believe..., Leave? , You Know) Those are the 3 new ones. Thanks again

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Best Poem of Kristinahh KIMBER

A Single Red Rose

Staring at a single read rose, so much beauty
not as much to be wasted on someone as beautiful
each thorn a reminder, love can hurt
but each detailed petal a bounty of great beauty
take this rose
from my beloved fingers
never cover the red
for the beauty will then be hidden
from the world at which it came
never hide your beauty
for each day should it be shared with the world
prooving each rose
has the beauty of your smile
this single red, red rose
my single loving heart
take it as a token
of the love
we will forever share

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An Invisible Girl

Too see is a gift given by the total unknown
the colours of life do appear as your own
you search for your colour as you walk through this world
but what if your true colour was an invisable girl?

what if you searched for the one you believed you could hold?
and you waited for the truths of this love to unfold?
if the whole time you ran searching with the tints of your eyes
believing this girl would show true loves suprise

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