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War Some More

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War. And war some more.
War. And war some more.
No one knows,
What it's for,
War. And war some more.

The images seem
To rule the day,
War and Generals,
All the same,

All the answers,
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Dave Anderson 05 June 2005

Rev. J. Jackson believes we must commit troops to Africa to stop genocide, but we must pull out of Iraq. He wants to stop the killing of blacks. Never mind the Iraqis. Yes, one purpose of war is to stop the killing, protect the innocent. So, we remain free to criticize, complain, and go about our selfishness.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 22 December 2004

Rhythm but no answers. It is untrue that no one knows what wars are for, and I think you ought to make this kind of war poem into a big one, covering all the bases. H

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Kaylea Thomas 11 November 2005

erm sorry dave soz herbert bt i dnt agree with you this is how i feel about war what do we have war for? to prove were a better country to say sadam was rong for killin his ppl so were gona do it for him there are to ways u cn luk at this poem how i have or how u have sowwi i ent tyrin 2 affend yaz! WELL DONE SANDRA(ill give ya sum confidence in ya poems keep writin hun!)

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charlie lui 05 September 2018

can you tell me why you wrote this

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peniss 24 June 2018

so good................................

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Huda Adnan 21 October 2006

i think its true n nice

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Ronald Stroman 24 May 2006

it may be a 'private' matter, i only hope its not a 'corporal' offense. no 'generals' died today in Afghanistan or Iraq! ! !

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Sandra Osborne 02 December 2005

Brava, Kaylea. Thank you and well put.

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