Alan Kabanshi

War To Wars - Poem by Alan Kabanshi

Time comes, when diversion safes embitter our parting
The fringes of belief whetted
The faces tweaked
Exasperation provoked, rolling out falsehood

Today Greed is lucratively idiocy, disguised to revolutionaries the peace enjoyed
Draining our relics off its vintage and our truth betrayed
Negativity bruited to fill the image of the media, doctoring single faced truths

lets dance to the drums sounding the war to wars
So long our silence fuels wars, waging war against taking up arms wars their wars
Who bears the cost, when arms are lifted and countries skirmish?
Who lays down their lives, pays the sacrifice of justice and peace?
Its Blossoming youths,
whose faces stand blank in expressions of futures deceased
Whats the necessary cause to war? will it end greed, calm the waves of war?
Or will it hatred sow whose buds and shoots sprout to wars?
Why cant we find a compromise before the peace is lost?
Than prey on the ignorance filling the elites bellies with reasons to war

Have you seen the genuine face of war or heard its whispers?
The shame of a mother disgraced to raping in plain sight of her sons
A boy made to chose his life after his father
The infant breastfed from the corpse of its mother
Or the one made to executed his brother just to be fed
What about the girl whom soldiers encircled upon
The face of war is ugly and non dares to give an honest stare

A generation ours stand adherent to illusions of truth
We are like trees that wither in streams of waters
We in thralled to fears, we stand firmly not for a right
In the sounds of our silence cracks grow breaking, reaping liberties apart
That the greed of a number a few, consign us to oblivion
Our heritage inveighed against,
Honor plucked blind yet In truth we exist in calling out to one another
I hear sounds nature carries down, and heavens roll,
one political party UNIT
one race HUMANITY
How do you doubt when there exists one Country FREEDOM
In the shadows of its avenues the language spoken LOVE
and Governance is by JUSTICE and TRUTH
if we release ourselves to see beyond our ego, so much more arise from the promise

Today humanity hangs in servitude of self importance, any virtues washed off,
left are echoes of our stupidity spoken in ruins of what is to come
awaken to tools of truth, lets plough ourlives and invent possibilities
Before we become a story of what once existed


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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