Warrior's Cry Poem by shannon eason

Warrior's Cry

A country's dream once found on the principal
Of freedom and religion beliefs have left it's mark.
The dedication of men and women in the military
Is hard and life changing where many have become strong.
The few strong and brave risk their lives daily to see the
People and the dream come true and stay safe.
The arm forces have served well over the years to protect.

Wars that have been fought and lost have made history
The men and women who battled them wars will live on
As true heroes in many eyes without knowing the true meaning.

The Veterans as they are known have saw many brothers
And sisters lose their lives for the price of freedom.
The history that they bring are the scars of their battles
To live and see another day when others lost their lives.

Flying high over mountains and across the seas
Listening to the blades going in circular motions
Holding on to their gear and guns for dear life.
Upon arrival they watch each others backs
Not knowing were the enemy may lie.
Protecting is a way of life a solider and Veteran
Their stories are hard but a reminder of a price.

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