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Love between friends is
So hard to live with because
You can't be yourself no matter
How hard you try so you cry yourself


I'm sorry for not
Being the person you
Wanted me to be all
This time but that's

A broken heart is never anything
That anybody can fix but when
You do have one. Things will
Change forever no matter how

Taking off the shoes
Putting up the hair
I start to move in a way
That nobody knows about

Dreams come and go like love
Why does it bother me so much
On what it is trying to tell me?
On the path that is right for me


Over the years we
Grow older, wiser
With time, but do we
Still feel the same.

At one time I have
Given you the world
My heart, life, soul,
My everything but that

Late at night when the sun
Goes down, a shadow of the living
Dead comes out waiting to feed
On the blood of somebody that doesn't


Time moves on like a boat
In the ocean with the sail
At full mass and only the
Waves moving as if no

Once known now found then lost
all over again because of the ones
Around us. Beloved, why us when
Everything is so right between our

Where did you come from
On a day like any other?
From the heaven was the answer
You gave me. Time and time again


What is love? love is where
Two people fell in love with
Somebody that they can not
Live without feeling like they

Where do you go during the winter?
Down south to stay warm instead of
Freezing to death without food and water
To drink. How do you know which flowers

My fireman is the best
Person that I know that is
Different in every way but
When it comes to his job.

A dreamboat is a boat that sometimes
Can become a reality but when it
Does happen you need to watch out
Because it can be a heart breaker

A blessing sent down
From heaven to
Fill in a hole in a woman's
Heart where a man's love

Every night when I close my eyes
I see a face that could charm the
Angels in the sky up above but when
I open my eyes I realized that face

You walked into my life
After so long ago
Until I don't know
What to do or where

What is there to believe
When everything has been
Wong til the day that
Somebody told me that

As the young grows wiser
Time tells all but for only
The history repeats and the
Memories stick with each

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All poems that I have wrote but 7 were done back in high school. Warrior's cry was done November of last year. Ocean, Love, Beloved, Guardian Angel, Humming bird were done in May of this year.)

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Love Between Friends

Love between friends is
So hard to live with because
You can't be yourself no matter
How hard you try so you cry yourself
To sleep by the pain of loving a friend.
Love between friends is the unwise thing
To do because in the end you'll break yours
And his heart into a million pieces and the
Friendship will be over within minutes.

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