Watch Me Poem by Angela Davis

Watch Me

Rating: 5.0

The sky has lost its color; it looks dull and gray.
The world has lost its charm, and I wish it would go away.
I want to stay here inside myself, hidden in my pain.
The hopes I’ve been clinging to no longer remain.
I’ve cried out almost daily, told you how I feel.
You disregard my pleas; you don’t think I am for real.
You think I will just lay here accepting what you do,
Like a dog cowering at its master’s feet, begging for mercy.
This game grows ever so tired; we’ve been down this road.
I am not willing to do it again; I don’t want to play anymore.
The shadows swarm around me, telling me to let them back in.
The dark thoughts, fear and loneliness are again my companions.
Go ahead and get mad, I don’t want to hear your
Every excuse for each beating; how I anger you.
You’ve hurt me for so long, I know now my fears were correct.
You don’t want me. I am but a hobby, a distraction.
You don’t love me at all. You’ve made that perfectly clear.
I have no more tears left, but I will deal on my own.
Maybe I’ll be better off alone, so alone.
At least with myself, I’ll always know where I stand.
I can’t continue on this way, I’ve lost my will to even try.
I’m through listening to the reasons why you hurt me.
I’ll continue fading; watch me disappear.
Once again I’ll be empty,
Just watch me…

Alexia Sohr 12 August 2006

Haunting. Keep the wonderful, enlightening work, Angela.

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