Tender Confessions Poem by Angela Davis

Tender Confessions

Rating: 5.0

When I think of how life used to be,
how I always hid in the shadows,
letting it obscure my existence.
I look at everything you have given me:
love and hope, not just for us,
but for the future as well.
I feel like I’m dancing in the clouds
I must confess, each day I wake
I fear that this has all been but a dream;
then I realize you’re still with me.
I know I have been truly blessed
for everything you have given me,
for the love and tenderness you show,
that I have not been left behind.
Every night I pray
that you will never leave me.
I do my best with every breath
that is left within my body and soul
to be worthy of your love.
For My Love….

Ananya S 17 August 2006

Angela, Alexia is right...your lovers are blessed

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Alexia Sohr 12 August 2006

So tender, and loving; it is wonderful. I believe it is not a matter of you being worthy of you lovers. They are blessed to be in your company, dear girl.

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Ray Forever 13 July 2006

Angela...very tender indeed: -)

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