Water On Sand

Rating: 4.5

I woke up and everything was different,
I had different friends,
That cared about me,
The music i listened to,
The shows on t.v.
My values before,
And my principles now,
All feel so different,
Had just changed somehow,
I just want to go back,
To this time last year,
You were with me,
Left me with no fear,
But its over now,
And i still hurt inside.
I've gotten over you,
That is for sure,
But i will alway love you,
I have yet to find my cure,
Six months i cried,
Wasted tears for you,
But you taught me so much,
For i had loved so few,
But there is one thing ill never understand,
How you came and went,
Just like water on sand.

Melissa Barber 05 September 2005

I love your poems... all of them! ! This poem reminded me of someone I loved too.

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Seán O' Muiriosa 10 August 2005

There is a lot of sadness in this poem, that is obvious, but I think you have greatly captured a feeling that we all feel in our lives at some stage. This is very good writing. Well done. Warm regards, Seán

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Scott Clegg 10 August 2005

excellent poem...great message and love the flow and tempo...

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