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I'm a beginner poet and I hope that I'll be improving day by day. Someday I want to publish my own book on humans and how we think because I think that we are fascinating creatures. I am not only a poet, I am also getting into the field of graphic and web page design. The computer is my life, I absolutely love computers. I'm only a graduate out of high school.

Day by day I'll be posting more of my work for everyone to see.

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Aaron Rigodon 18 November 2005

Like Mike said of being a young poet i think write prett good and I hope you succeed in publishing some of your work and also ask if you can my poems sometime!

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The Best Poem Of Melissa Barber

Remember Me?

Remember me?
I’m the one you can’t see
I’m a shadow in the dark
You can’t ignore my shadow
I’m all around
You can hear me, though
I make a quiet sound
All you can do is hear me
My voice in the dark
Oh, it’s so stark

Do you still remember me?
Come to your senses
This isn’t rocket science
I’m your conscience
It’s so dark inside your head
I think I’m going to leave instead
Remember me?

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Melissa Barber Popularity

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