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In loving someone,
I cannot tell,
The thought of lust,
A continous bell,

When im alone,
I think of you,
And all the things i did.

It's dark outside,
I sit alone,
Nothing but thought of you,
Thoughts of our happieness,

I woke up and everything was different,
I had different friends,
That cared about me,
The music i listened to,

I see you,
Coming toward the car,

-My stomach flops.

Pain strikes through,
A knife inside,
Poking and Prodding,
Cutting and slicing,


Those untrue words,
Small but mean everything,
In shadows they lurk,
Your perfect lies,

When I thought I lost you,
I thought that I would die,
Drowning in a tub of tears,
Tears my eyes did cry.

So deep inside,
Your amazing brown eyes,
I see your heart,
I see your soul.

A silent tear,
Streams down your cheek,
You think unchecked,
But i see.

Light from the street,
Spills through her window,
'another sleepless night, '
She says to herself.

Last night I cried,
For you my love,
I'm sorry for everything,
Everything you've gone through,

you can love someone from a distance,
or you can let them know,
but they dont have to love you,
or they dont have to show,

I dreamt last night,
Of you and me,
You finally came,
And said 'sorry.'

A simple look,
Turns to simple stare,
A smile forms,
A silent dare.

To fall in love,
Is to make time stand still,
Every moment counts,
When your with him.

The caress of your hand,
Traveling my curvy side,
Makes me aware of your body,
So close to mine.


I've Worked so hard,
I won't give up,
I've lost you once,
never again.

Heavy hearted,
Full of pain,
Where you left,
A blackened stain.

I don't know how to put this,
This feeling that I have,
That maybe you could have gone futher,
Further than you did.

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Love And Lust

In loving someone,
I cannot tell,
The thought of lust,
A continous bell,
Kissing and touching,
Is this really love?
Could we live without it?
Is it something we're above?
Do we need the touch of another,
The caress of his lips,
Those warm arms around us,
When the cold winter nips?
Could we deny pleasure,
Or is that all we are?
And if we went slower,
Would we really go far?
Would we hold on forever,
And never let go?
Or aren't you here forever?
These questions I must know.
For if you're here for love,
I'll love you till I die,
But if your here for only lust,
Im sorry, goodbye.

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Angelique' Rockwell 15 September 2005


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