MacGregor Tagliaferro

Waves Of Redemption - Poem by MacGregor Tagliaferro

Wave of reflection, burnin' hot
Lyin' down in the valley, once
Nubile and very full-blooded;
Body, heaved up by a soul, made of love,
Of flesh, the vast pullulation of desire
Longin' for the days of youth,
Of fervent wants, bit, mad with lust,
Among the waves, kissed the One
Longin' for the time when the earth trembled,
When, softly kissin', softly caressin',
Lips formin' the great hymn of love;
When, standin' on the plain,
Hearin' round about the wind
Answerin' the call; loved, loved
Longin' for the time of two as one,
Lovely, splendid body through vast depths,
Pure streams of infinite life
Joyfully at her langourous curves,
Strong, gentle and chaste

Misfortune, not understandin' things,
Goin' about with eyes shut and ears closed
But the great faith is love
If only sustenance still drawn
If only not forsaken long ago
Risin' in the tremendous brightness
Of blue waters, flesh perfumed by the wave,
Showed rosy skin, foam came snowin'
And, love made in rhythm and rhyme
Believe, still believe in you
The path bitter harnessed thus
Flesh, in you I believe, yes,
Sad and ugly, sad under the vast sky
No longer chaste, defiled, bent,
Towards base slaveries
Yes, even after death, pale skeletons
Wish to live and insult the original beauty
Render divine, bring light into this poor soul
Slowly ascend, in unbounded love,
From earthly prison to beauty of day,
No longer knows even how to be a lover
If only the times which have come,
Come and gone might come again

Finished; played all the parts
In broad daylight, wearied
Revive, free of all fears, scan the skies
Ideal, eternal, invincible thought, which is all;
Livin' flesh, will rise, mount, burn beneath
Free from all fear, come give redemption
Resplendent, radiant, from the breast
Rise up and give to the vast Universe
Infinite love with its eternal smile
Vibrate like an immense lyre
In the tremblin' of an infinite kiss
Thirst for love: come and slake its thirst.

Sudden blaze of primordial beauty
Quiver in the altar of the flesh
In the present good, pale from the ill suffered,
Wish to plumb all depths, and know all things
Thought, so long oppressed, springs
Know why... Let her but gallop free,
Find faith; why the blue silence, unfathomable space
Why the golden stars, teemin' like sands
If ascended forever, what would be there
A journey through this horror of space
In the vast ether, tremble,
Tremble at the tones of an eternal voice
See, say: I believe; Is this anymore than a dream
Born so quickly, life so short, whence does it come
To love in the rose and to grow in the corn...
Cannot know, weighed down with a cloak of ignorance,
Hemmed in by chimeras, dropped from wombs,
Feeble reason hides the infinite
Wish to perceive: doubt punishes
Doubt, dismal, beat down
And the horizon rushes away in endless flight...

Mysteries lie dead among the vast splendour
A song rises towards the light...
Redemption; It is love; It is love...
Splendour of flesh, splendour of her
Renewal of love, triumphal dawn
Covered with the snow of rose petals,
Beneath their lovely outstretched tears
On the shore, out there on the waves,
The sail flying white under the sun,
Sweet one on whom night has broken,
Be silent; Drawn through fields by desire
Nude body shivers in the waves
Slowly, turns dreamy eye towards her;
She leans her pale cheek, her eyes closed;
Dyin' in a divine kiss, and murmurin' waters
Strew the golden foam on her hair
Between the waves, slips amorously
The great dreamin', while time goes by,
Strangely beautiful, archin' the marvellous curves
Proudly displays the golden vision of her body
In his strength, his body with skin as with glory
Faces the horizons, his brow terrible and sweet
Vaguely lit by the summer moon, erect, naked
Dreamin' in pallor of gold streaked
By the heavy wave of her hair
In the shadowy glade where stars spring,
Gazes up at the silent sky...
Throws a kiss in a pale beam...
The sobs far off in a long ectasy...
Dreams of the one his wave pressed against
Soft wind of love passed in the night,
And in the mountains, amid the woods,
Erect in majesty, listen to the wind,
To the one sent to save,
To the dream of redemption,
Comin' wave on wave

© Cowboy Coleridge

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For my Muse January 2013 Out West

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