Miss Thang

We'Re Fine - Poem by Miss Thang

I’ve heard you ask more than once
If I’m happy and if you’re enough.
I feel your fear that I’ll quit on us.
But, honey, I really need your trust.
I’m not going to leave you and I won’t stray
I won’t lie or deceive you and I won’t walk away.
I love you and our family more than I can express
And I promise you my love will pass any test
Every night before we go to sleep I dropp to my knees
And ask him to help me be everything you need.
So honey, rest your soul and put your mind at ease
Know that I believe in you and need you to trust me
I don’t know exactly how to tell you
How much I am in love with you
You ask if I’m happy with you and us
I feel like some part of you doesn’t think you’re enough.
You have expressed to me that you keep waiting.
And some little part of you is anticipating
Me to tell you I’m not happy and I want out.
But baby, I love you, completely and without a doubt
You are my best friend and my soul mate
God sent you to me to fullfil my fate
There won’t come a day and there won’t be a way
I’ll ever leave you or you’ll hear me say
I don’t love you and I don’t want to stay.
I wish I had the words to reassure you
How happy I am and how much I love you.
I know sometimes I’m moody and not very nice.
I know sometimes I trip and I know it’s not right.
But hon, I love you and love our family.
I never knew that this how love can be.
Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the day to day
But understand I just want to make you happy.
Honey I’m so happy with you and with us
And trust me when I tell you you’re more than enough.
Sometimes I just have so much to do
And I just want to make things easier for you.
Honey sometimes I just get overwhelmed
Trying ot do everything by myself.
I know you have a lot on your plate
And day after day I try to pull my weight.
Sometimes I just try to do too much
And I feel guilty when I can’t do enough.
I don’t know how to ask you for help
And I get overwhelmed when I try to do it myself.
Don’t mistake my frustration for discontent
Because that’s not the case and that’s not what I meant.
I just want to support you as best I can
But because of my pride and the woman I am
I find it difficult to ask you for help.
I want to be able to everything my self.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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