Moez Ben Meftah

Wear A Bra…

'Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow,
He who would search for pearls must dive below, '

Wear a Bra…

He took a Royal fag, lit it with a match and whiffed twice,
'Look, ' he said in jest, 'wear a bra if need be, or stockings,
Breast your shirt with a read badge* like Imams nowadays.'
'Look, ' he rejoined flinging the butt outside- that's nice! -

'Last night I talked to a big antenna of Fatimites Uskut yard, *
And drunk a lot of bad stuffs with a batch of private eyes,
What's in that if you are under siege, in the middle of a siege,
And to get out, roll the ball and break the wall of chilly ice, '

He went on, 'more than that, you get to know your enemies;
You learn better how to teach, before you leap think thrice.'
Then he grasped another fag with a tone of don't you? - tag
And waved at two blokes greeting him from without.

'Look! ' he said, 'those guys were among the hell of guests
Of the Lieut's* feast last night; he served us meat and rice.
They talked of Ghariba's synagogue* and the Jews big blast,
And kept silent like Mickey when he faces a lot of mice.

'Now, let me tell you another thing quite different, ' I put in,
And show you, if you wish, other faces of the dice;
I agree, nowadays you have to fear everything with an ear:
The ewe, the lion, the ostrich, Ali Ezzat Vegovitch, Talibans

And the great bug bear of intellectual chatterboxes; avarice.
But, if you move ahead on your own within this hazy maze,
And perhaps you don't refrain in every faze you have to bias,
You lose your temper, and then you'll temper your poor mind,

You'll look schizoid in peoples' eyes and your I becomes I's.'
He retorted, 'that is not what it is! ' but I went on in the point,
'By and by, you love the beer and sir Shameer becomes dear,
You hush the beep; you oversleep and you forget your five prayers.'

'Is that so? ' badly aroused he inquired, 'yes it is, ' I rejoined,
'And further more, you'll have a schizophrenic mental chaos:
In prairies, you could see the wolf free and loose in the fore,
Wearing no simile or a metaphor but his fur n' menace,

But in the zoo, he lurks himself in the rear and much more
Of what you fear, creeps to you in various modes of disguise.
Look, my dear, you got a wife, a brainy son, viz., FEAR-US, *
To indulge- I admit- I don't begrudge, a nice cab and a house.'

'Assalam…'dropped in an ex-mate of November's* Alcatraz;
That's the Man who taught me how to pray and how to mind.
'What a chance! ' He exclaimed, 'lucky me…I can't believe!
Great minds think alike or our thoughts very often coincide? '

'That's Allah, ' I replied, 'by his laws all events must abide…
Ok, do you like a cappuccino or a cool decanter of Sabrine? '*
'As you like, ' he replied, 'coffee, tea, or a sort of insecticide.'
Because I know, sir Habeeb boycotts any cola or other wise.

'Excuse me my brothers, ' intervened sir Kawak, * 'what? ' I said,
'Now I got to go, ' he replied, 'to take the boy to kindergarten
And change the glasses cause I bought the wrong size,
I'm sorry to leave you and we haven't met for about two years.'

By now, I am sure you got the gist of the man who versifies:
Many people stay great despite the one who drags them to minimize,
Old Habib is an isle by himself and all the rest of the guys,
Are but ciphers, without figures, that stumble into pits of demise.


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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Poem Edited: Friday, June 6, 2014

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