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Weird Classification Of Overseas Workers - Poem by The Corporate Champs


OK, I have the energy now to write about some of the OFWs (Overseas Fascinating Workers) you will meet, talk or get acquainted with here in the strange world abroad. Though it’s not as interesting as describing the unusual (Note: this is not base on observation ahahahaah)

I’ll start with

The Strange ~ Strange is the aloof OFW. He doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to have friends. He won’t even talk to his roommate. Instead he will just grab his PSP or lappy, played until he can sleep.

Lola ~Lola is a male OFW. He is the grandmother figure for all the OFWs. He can cook pansit for you on your birthday. Good thing about Lola is that he has lots of connection and knows the who and the what in the place.

Draco Malfoy ~ The Draco Malfoy is not the same as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter who is rich, not a mud-blood, rich parents and ancestors. The Draco Malfoy is the one here who after receiving a package better than he is receiving from the Phil think that he is above every other else… He used to belittle those who he thinks has a lower position than him but sad to note that the construction worker looks better than him.

Crabbe & Goyle ~ OK no need to further describe Crabbe & Goyle… Crabbe is a crabby OFW who will really get to have his crabby part. Goyle is his constant companion. Crabbe & Goyle blend well with Draco Malfoy...

Boy Abundas ~ Boy Abundas are not witty OFW… Instead are the source of chismiss to the OFW world so better avoid such OFW or don’t tell your real name to those or else, you will be part of the chiscurls world… a showbiz world they created in their own small world but not worthy of your attention.

Perpetual Complainer ~ complains perpetually… should I describe more?

Happy go Lucky ~ this OFW can be a good friend but sad note for this is that he forgot that he is married and have children in the Phil. He has amnesia and thinks that he is single and cut his support to his family in the Phili and so his wife will call his workmates asking if what happened to Happy go Lucky why he’s not sending money anymore to his beloved family.

Ancients~ The ancients are OFWs that are working here for as old as the Mayan ruins of Mexico. They are continually working here… They look so sloppy and tired now but they can do little about their situation. Because their children have children now and they are supporting now their children's children. wow, very good parents... :)

Antiques ~The antique are a better version of OFW because they get pricey as they get older. Unlike the Ancient, the Antiques are now an expensive asset of the company or if they will transfer, they will ask a better price for the auction. They are like wines; they get better as they get older…

The Mirror Image~ are children of OFW who in turn become an OFW and are exactly the same replica as to their father. If their father is a welder, they work also as a welder… or sometimes, their father is the foreman and they work as the assistant of their father

The Makabayan ~ are OFW who will discourage you if you mingle with other nationalities. Thinking that the Fil culture is better than other culture. But I will not argue with them in their euphoria… if I will point them the statistics… You can smell dried fish, and a tanduay smell in a room of a makabayan. I really dunno why they are so much so very so so proud of putting a label of themselves, I’m also proud of my country but I still respect other culture knowing that Khalil Gibran is Labanos and Rabindranath Tagore or Mahatma Gandhi are panas and I have much respect to those than … that there are more pana winning that Miss Universe so I’ll just keep my mouthshut if I heard Makabayan belittle other culture.. Or let’s just say that religion, algebra, numbers and alphabets are product of cultures that were belittled by makabayan.

Makadiyos ~ Makadiyos thinks that only his religion is the correct one…

Makakaloka ~ no need of explanation.

The shocked ~are the OFWs who cannot still accept the new culture they are into. ahaahah

Hermione – this is the only one I have for girls as I didn’t interact with girls as it’s against the law here… Hermione can be a witty and smart girl… She is a typical OFW who is the 'girlfriend of bayan.” No need to explain much… or else I’ll be underestimating your psychological prowess of explaining what a “girlfriend of bayan “means…

The Behave ~ I will not explain this as my title suggests that I’ll just talk with the weird ones…

There are a lot of good OFWs… helpful, thoughtful, peaceful, .. but they are worthy of another article..

PS: actually some of the classification above may pertain to one person only but has a sort of multi-personality disorder like a person with Boy Abunda personality plus Crabbe and Goyle… I dunno why my human behavior class didn’t delve into topics like these, it will be more interesting… My teacher just contented himself of always discussing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…

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