The Love Of Growing Poem by Karin Elizabeth Martin

The Love Of Growing

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Once there was a girl who was brought into the world
She was the youngest of 4, her 2 brothers and sister taught her much
The children had a mother and all shared the same father
When this girl was three her daddy went away
Even though there was now just a mom to these children the girl did not want for anything
You see, this girl's mother was her dad too
No pities were uttered by others or complaints of the fathers absence
Many condolences were made to her mother of his youthful passing
My father died active duty military so mother cared for everything
I became wiser and older and saw so many struggles that she managed
As I became older I wanted to be strong and wise just like her
At the age of 16 I decided to go out and seek my fortune
I did not ask permission but mom knew I needed to go
She kept me close at watch and let me stumble with bad decisions
Never did she cajole me but kept me strong with her understanding
When this girl was just but 17 she gave birth to a beautiful daughter
She was very proud with her husband 12 years her senior by her side
He had been a military man just like her father but he was scarred
Time went by and she learned to love and give and forsake pleasures
Many girls her age seemed so young and frivolous to her
At 20 years of age she had a son with the same father and husband
Even though she had gone thru the first child the boy differed
The father of her children loved them and showed pride in actions
Some years went by and the girl became a woman
A lot of things began to change and she became anxious
The children's father seemed to be coming ill and distant
Some nights and even for days he did not come home
The girl searched everywhere, calling him but he was never there
Someone wise who know all about these hardships somehow came calling
Then this girl had to understand that a couple serious trespasses had occurred and she must ask that her husband go away.
Now the woman is 24 and with the help of her mother worked hard
She kept up the home and spent every moment possible with her kids
She took them on a vacation to the East Coast on a bus
She saw so many things, the children were well behaved yet exhausted
A nice gentleman on the trip took to helping her with their energy
He was going to another place but the trip was 3 days and nights long
She was mesmerized by his patience and kindness to her kids
He got off the bus and she stayed on to her destination
Both promised to keep in touch by mail as his was a one way ticket
This girl had to go back home and continue to be responsible
Leaving for home was very hard for her
She knew that many obstacles lay ahead and she must go it alone
Approximately one year and some later the man on the bus came home
He too had duties to resolve and unlike the girls husband who left so easily he made every effort to fulfill his prior obligations
By now this girl has become very lonely for male companionship
Her children's father did not call, visit or bring food to help
The man who had returned to calm his own matters was also lonely
The girl was very happy to spend much time with him
Soon the girl was living with this new man step parenting his children
Together they seemed a perfect match
New excitement and busy weekends spent chasing kids and wiping noses
The little house where the girl lived became small
Together the girl and the man set out to find a home and marry
This house was so perfect and the girls two children happily adjusted
When man's son and daughter came for visits it was always adventurous
After watching the wars waged with the man and his ex she was glad
Not having the father of her children do this was great relief
The new man had become their father and they seemed to have forgotten who the real dad was and quite possible what he looked like as they were only 5 and 3 when he had gone away to seek his fortunes
About 5 years went by and this girl found out she was pregnant
The man was happy and together they began altering the house
A daughter was born to them in the summer of the girls 27th year
Now there were 5 and sometimes 7 filling the home with laughter
The children grew quickly and the man's first wife moved away
It became harder to have his children with money battles fought
The man was sure to pay for his children but the girl still heard nothing from the father of her first children
In the summer of the girls 39th year she was notified of his death
The children grew with each of them developing their own personalities
The girls oldest was very smart with a perfectionist attitude
Her son who was second born became adventurous bordering of reckless
The girls third daughter was very curious, quickly spoiled as the baby
The man's daughter became a beautiful model now and his son a father
As the children left to build their own lives the house seemed empty
After the home became empty the man who had been her rock faltered
In her 46th year he left the home and went to seek his fortune
The girl, now a woman of course continued keeping house
The man returned home after a short time only to go find more gold
When he came home the third time he did not have wealth
The woman and the man realized that they had spent their lives
Fulfilling the wishes of their children and forgetting their own
Back together again in the woman's 50th year in this old house
9 grandchildren and watching our children struggle in harder times
We really understand but know nothing of their troubles
We cannot witness the laughter behind the walls of their homes
We cannot witness the laughter behind the walls of their homes
Although we wish we could transfer all of our teachings
Sitting in our back yard reminiscing of the past and dreaming
Our future is unsure or maybe unremarkable but we are here
Our children are safe with their own lives making choices
As long as we have each other to lean on we are content
And this girl can become an old woman who smiles in the morning sun
Stares into the evening lights and shadows
Humming softly to songs that bring back so many feelings
No one really knowing what is in her heart... FOREVER

Sunday, June 23, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: aging,fathers,house,life,love,mother and child ,youth
Jazib Kamalvi 23 June 2019

A refined poetic imagination, Karin Elizabeth. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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