Monsters Poem by Jim Yerman


When we are children, if we're lucky, our parents form a team…they teach us how to love and show us how to dream….they keep us safe and warm and happy…they make sure that we're well fed…they are the ones, when we're afraid of the dark, who check for monsters neath our bed.

But the children of war…and their parents…are not so lucky because day or night…on the ground or in the air…how can parents protect their children when there are monsters everywhere?

Real monsters who don't care if you are alive…or if you're dead…who destroy your city…your streets…your homes…who drive you from your bed.

What makes these monsters dangerous is it can be anyone you see…there is no way to tell the difference between them…or you…or me…It can even be a neighbor…perhaps at one time they were a friend…and we find it hard to understand and fathom the horrors they intend.

I imagine some of these monsters were once parents…once part of a team…who tried to teach their children how to love and show them how to dream…Who strove to keep their children safe and warm and happy…to make sure they were well fed…who, when their children were afraid of the dark…checked for monsters neath their beds.

Is it just war…or something else…the answer is never completely clear…what turns once loving parents into monsters other parents and children fear?

We can only hope and pray that one day our entire world and all her people will be blessed…to have no more wars creating monsters causing destruction and unrest.

A day when war has finally ended and only peace and love exist…a world where never again will we find real monsters in our midst.

A day when parents can go back to being parents…part of a wonderful team…who teach their children how to love and show them how to dream…who keep them safe and warm and happy and make sure they are well fed…a world where the only monsters they have to worry about are the ones beneath their children's bed.

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