Welcome To The Cordillera Poem by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY

Welcome To The Cordillera


Welcome to the great Cordillera's beauty
And behold its mystic land and history
Of people in a land known as the stairway
To heaven with its ranges of nature tapestry.

Welcome to Kalinga, verdant land known to many
As the land of the brave hunters our history,
The land known as the peacock of the country
With their colorful custom amidst modernity.

Here you can fine Cordillera's rice granary
With the best aroma of coffee in the country
Perfectly brewed by hands of genuine beauty
Of charming ladies dancing with gong's intimacy.

If you traverse the highways of Cagayan Valley
You will be charmed by Apayao's serene beauty
Where you can now fine banana based industry
With their growing cassava production in ARC.

You can fine here the cleanest river in our country
From its unexploited forest away from modernity
Where you can enjoy wildlife living in intimacy
As you can see domesticated dear in every family.

Benguet is another source of the land' beauty
Where the famous mines of gold and silver stay
Popularly known as the region's vegetable granary
With its temperate cold climate you can feel everyday.

On this land you can also fine the famous Baguio City
Known as the cleanest and greenest city in history
Known as the city of pines in the entire country
and as the summer capital of our archipelago today.

If you go down and pass along the whirling highway
You can reach the province of Abra known to many
As the bamboo capital of the entire region' today
With their famous bamboo based craft and industry.

Although the land is know for its political history
With famous politicians names making their own story
It is peopled by those who love to have peace everyday
Making the land of love flowing with stream of honey.

When you go west passing the known Halsima Highway
You will reach the only Mountain Province of the country
Where you will be enchanted to behold nature's beauty
Of high mountain peaks engulfed with pine's' great serenty.

You will never leave this land once you sip its coffee
Proven to have the aroma that relieves boredom magically
Being roasted by prudent hands known for their ingenuity
Of weaving products from looms and abaca fiber industry.

When you go south, you'll be charmed by Ifugao's beauty
With its famous land of history during the Japanese occupancy
Where lot of tales of hidden treasure were told everyday
From generations to generations until our time today.

It can not be denied that Ifugao Terraces is world history
With the ingenuity displayed by Ifugao seen today
In building stairways from slopes of mountain's scenery
Without any aid of modern tools like we have today.

If you want to know more and discover our ingenuity
Come to the Cordillera Region and enjoy its scenery
Along with the sweet smiles and warm hospitality
Of its people living in peace for our nation's posterity

jemicah 07 January 2018

wala po bang translation ng tagalog?

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Angela 31 January 2021

Thank you po

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Natashia 04 October 2020

Thankyouu for giving some examples of poem abiut arts and crafts of Ilocos♥

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May-Ann 08 May 2019

This is nice! God bless Cordillera! : D

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YOUR LOVE :) 19 September 2018

i translate na lng ninyo vobo

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Ma Krizzia Lou 28 August 2018

Please tagalog tranlation po Need ko lang pa talaga ASAP

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