A Burning Mountain Poem by MELVIN BANGGOLLAY

A Burning Mountain

Rating: 5.0

Melvin Banggollay

Early morning, I greeted the day with smile
As I'm riding on my motor cycle for a mile
When on my way I saw a great dancing fire
devouring the mountain's forest with desire.

When 'm getting near to the mount's serenity
After I traversed the high mountain's tapestry
Clouds of smoke was all over haunting me
with ball of fire really trying to go after me.

I have to stop and wait long till I can see
my way as clouds of dust was all over me;
After an hour of waiting there so patiently
I saw vehicles hundred feet waiting like me.

As I passed, fires was still burning heavily
and wind kept on blowing against the fire's fury;
then I heard explosion of bamboos not far away
and whizzing of the trees crying for God's mercy.

As I lament for the forest being eaten by the fire
I saw birds and other wildlife flee from the fire;
I prayed for the rain to shower its saving grace
to save the mountain's remaining forest base.

In my little way to save the mountain's beauty
I tried to put some flames of fire about to fry
the other side of the road as other passers by
tried to build fire line not to let the other side cry.

Stop burning our forest to save nature's beauty
to protect us from nature's own furious fury
of claiming justice against men's great cruelty
of destroying and exploiting nature's tapestry.


Lots of verve & passion in this storyline & fine poetic offering.... Well crafted & minds-eye captivating.... ~ FjR ~ ..2008..

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..Narrative charm of first class poetry..Great concern for the world around makes you truly committed.You deserve a TEN.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 08 May 2008

great narration, concern for the nature....natural for third world

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Ershad Mazumder 27 June 2008

Thanks dear Melvin. ' We have one planet Let us share and care it. Do not be cruel to our nature It will take revenge.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 17 October 2011

how i see every burning heat licking our beautiful nature i know this really happened there i salute your love for nature and your way of expressing it for the world to see mabuhay 10plus

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Miriam Maia Padua 18 August 2009

beautiful piece.. your love and concern for nature is vivid.. your words are very true.. 10++++ lovelots, Maia

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 April 2009

Beautiful composition.

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Kesav Easwaran 25 January 2009

beautiful narration with a great message inside...thanks for your concern and eco loving spirit, Melvin...good write...10

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Pacific Hernandez 03 October 2008

You have shown concern about our environment. A very nice poem. It deserves a 10.

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Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines
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