We'll All Be Judged Poem by Jon M. Nelson

We'll All Be Judged

If you take a look around at everyone's face,
You'll see that we're all part of the human race.
What will end up as the overall consequence,
If we continue with this senseless violence?
If all you do is look down at your fellow man,
Then you just interfere with the ultimate plan.
Yet if you are still too stubborn to budge,
Remember in the end that we'll all be judged.

If you simply pass by the homeless on the street,
That is out there begging for something to eat,
Remember they aren't there by their own choice.
They have lost all reason to ever again rejoice.
You can either give of your heart in some way,
Or you can totally ignore them as you turn away.
But if you aren't willing to give them a nudge,
Remember in the end that we'll all be judged.

Even if you may have been hurt in the past,
And have deep scars that will always last.
Others may have caused you tremendous pain,
For they may have felt they had something to gain.
You've always been told to live and let live,
You must find it down in your heart to forgive.
There is no reason to ever hold a grudge,
Remember in the end that we'll all be judged.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: judgement,life
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