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What 2 Days Of The Week Begin With The Letter T? - Poem by Luke Easter

What two days of the week,
Begin with the letter “T? '
If you said Tuesday & Thursday,
You’ve answered incorrectly.

Today and Tomorrow,
Is the answer that I seek,
Allow me to explain,
Why these are in the week.

Yesterday is gone,
It will never come again,
Dwell on past mistakes & confusion,
Very soon this day will end.

God has already forgiven,
What we’ve done in the past,
When you keep looking back on yesterday,
You’re the one who makes it last.

Philippians 3: 13, forgetting those things, which are behind,
Why let the negative take over your mind?
The good that is to come you will never find,
Dwelling on hurt and pain with a prior axe to grind.

Take only the best you’ve learned before,
Apply it to the good you’re doing today,
Now the building blocks are stronger,
When tomorrow comes your way.

Always add only the positive,
Let the negative things subtract,
The future will only proceed forward,
When you’re not wasting time looking back.

Yesterday’s mistakes are bought and paid for,
Count them as forever being lost,
That balance due was wiped clean,
When Jesus gave His life on the cross.

What sense is there in looking back reflecting on faults?
Genesis 19: 26, “Lot’s wife did becoming a pillar of salt, ”
The occasion after it’s missed or the stone after the throw,
Time after it’s gone cannot be recovered just so you know.

Live today whole-heartedly,
As though it was your last,
When the final tomorrow gets here,
You’ll not be ashamed of your past.

Don’t negatively pronounce or criticize,
That’s not what your supposed to do,
When Judgment Day finally gets here,
God will do the same for you.

Don’t be hasty with your answers,
Always think before you speak,
Live today through Christ Jesus,
Or tomorrow Satan will give your critique.

If you don’t let go of yesterday you can’t grab hold of tomorrow,
Happiness will not occupy an area that is consumed by sorrow,
Jesus said, and no one fills old wineskins with wine that is new,
Nor will a new patch be sewed on an old garment, Mark 2: 21-22.

Genesis 19: 17&26 what happened to lots wife when she looked back?
God does not want you in reverse but forward from where you are at,
Why turn around and dig up something dead and buried in the grave?
Especially since all of your sins are forgiven along with being saved.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 13, 2006

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