I Am A Bird Flying Free Poem by Luke Easter

I Am A Bird Flying Free

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I am a bird flying free with my thoughts,
Form my nesting tree I gallantly fought,
Every sinister wing and feather flown,
That tried to endanger my happy home.

Imagination is my sky, countless as stars,
Smoothly I fly pass the Moon, Sun & Mars,
Landing on Jupiter gently wetting my beak,
Lest on the return trip I get too tired or weak.

I chirp for my freedom with a heavenly song,
This way the journey will not seem as long,
My wings are better known as love and peace,
Embracing wisdom, reason never fails to cease.

From the hunter my fears are light years away,
Because of his shots in the air I choose to stay,
Not alone in flight, yeah with others it all began,
Free from deceit & bitterness of the wicked man.

Or should I rightly pronounce hatred by evil ones?
The devil’s daughters hand in hand with his sons,
Planet of my youth has grown callused and cold,
Just had to escape for the joy of experiencing old.

Of course no one lives forever that would be long,
Eventually even the birds would run out of song,
Life is meant for happiness with a taste so sweet,
Not combativeness destruction, win against defeat.

The Soulful Creator of the universe never did intend,
For His flock to be devoured savagely in the lions den,
Shaken by the piercing, thunderous, king of beast roar,
Escaping from forced captivity through the air we soar.

Up, up and away like a Siamese cloud of common feathers,
United in one thought unaffected by all seasonal weather,
Our tails bearing the sign of a glorious Tunisian insignia,
An eloquent masterpiece by Miss Glamorous Enigma.

annonymous 11 June 2019


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Christina Simmons 06 December 2016

Such a powerful written piece. Such forceful words - so reassuring and peacefully put across.

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Obinna Eruchie 12 September 2009

A wonderful flow of poetry, Luke. Well done.

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 04 September 2009

Amazing! am a bird stamped by LUKE EASTER. as usual you esteem my work. Many Thanks Poet Friend. All My Respect.

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wonderful poetry..... nice rhyme. nice meaning..

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Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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