Whimsical Emotions

Rating: 3.3

Windowpanes and shattering shades of curtain
Dancing in tune with blowing winds
Tingles of doorbells, a misnomer
No more waiting, some one is there
Shivering lips, hardly a whisper
Yet, to recover, lonesome but muddled with
Fragrance of lost smile and
Rhythm of chuckling,
And woman at poolside
Gaze to glare with raze
Ravish and relinquish, water marks in your eyes
And the ability to explore dreams in my eyes
Don’t swallow the big burgeoning blushes
Trackers do carry milestones
Do count lamppost of dusk and hammer strokes needed
Rigmarole, you may say,

Scrap to scintillate a new odor, to epitomize a new fragrance
Roses all the way, cozy to deal with hallucinating elegance
We walk across, scrawling memoirs, crumbling prejudices
Legs moving in harmony, you in my arms, your head lying and tumbling over my shoulders,
My whistling lips, and your half open- half closed eyes
Under whimsical surroundings,
Curvy moon trying to peep in from clouds,
Trees trying to usher in to growing bounds,
Clones and pulsating sounds of rose teasing
Lull ness, but music in thoughts and clutching,
My hands, you cynosure of my feelings,
Closed eyeballs and your shivering lips,
Sky falling over beloved lush-green land
Shrinking horizon in my eyes,
Sequencing through dreamy experience,
Winds to mould and to feel ecstasy of changing realms

Anurag Tiwari

Copyright ©2003 Anurag Tiwari