What Goes Up, Must Come Down Poem by Ella Rose

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

~Different beliefs can be a blessing~

He was born on a chilly Saturday afternoon, sweet boy with lots of love,
we all knew he'd be very special because he had come from up above.

Tiny toes and a wrinkly face, such a sight for sore eyes to see,
what a blessing it is that God chose Joseph Thomas to be a part of me.

From a toddler to a teenager, soon in college after those days,
Joey married Layla his childhood crush, in love in a special way.

Soon I had grandchildren and how joyful my life became,
we weathered so many storms, but our family overcame.

On my last birthday I turned a tender young age of seventy,
sad news followed and we learned that nothing is a guarantee.

My Joey had been battling lymphoma at only forty years old,
we all gathered around the priest, for nothing could be controlled.

I stood there numb watching my son take his last short breath,
it seemed not too long ago I held him on my breast.

He grew great wings and flew above straight into the light,
I knew I would see him again, what a sorrowful delight.

My youngest daughter Caroline was pregnant with her first,
a gentle baby boy who came out backwards and headfirst!

I had the honor to hold little Tommy for the very first time,
I saw those brown eyes and I knew he was special and sublime.

Can it be true? Does my faith believe this to be our reality?
Can a soul be reborn into another child, a blessing of geniality?

My faith had been renewed and my perceptions had been overflowing,
I know deep down inside, Tommy holds the spirit of my Joey.

I believe the death of my sweet boy transmigrated into my grandson,
an embodiment of his soul with in, two spiritual bodies becoming one.

So amazing that Joey's spirit has again become earth bound,
this is why I believe what goes up....must come back down...

What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Friday, April 22, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: birth,heaven,reincarnation
***I really don't believe in reincarnation I just thought of this idea***
Kim Barney 22 April 2016

This sounds too much like a true story to not be one (I think) . So sorry about the loss of your son, but enjoy your new grandson. I do not believe in reincarnation, but your poem is magnificent nevertheless.

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Ella Rose 22 April 2016

thank you Kim :) This is complete fiction, as I do not believe in reincarnation also. It was just an idea that came to me. I wanted my theme to be What Goes Up Must Come Down and that's what I came up with. Many thanks Kim :) ~ellarose~

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