What Is It King Consort Charles? Guilt Or The Daunting Fear Of Thieves And Murderers Not Trusting Each Other? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

What Is It King Consort Charles? Guilt Or The Daunting Fear Of Thieves And Murderers Not Trusting Each Other?

By Stanley Collymore

Give over will you, you fatuous
sycophantic morons! A risibly
supposed, love-matched duo
who even after Diana's untimely death,
that they occasioned, and subsequent
to their own marriage together exactly
18 years in total, literally still not living
with each other! Sure! Let's face really
hard and undiluted facts! Camilla was
and still is a keen hard drinking, chain
smoking, quite knowlegeable woman,
of the world; as she characteristically
quite distinctively was when she first
started seeing Charles. Diana though
very significantly and also effectively
in marked contrast who Charles was
actually, by the immediate members
of his family forced to marry as they
had unquestionably, and predictably
quite hypocritically rejected Camilla
notwithstanding their own, immoral
lives, distinctly due to her notorious
lascivious reputation, clearly aware
that Diana was a vulnerable and an
indisputably naïve 19 years old girl.
So essentially, Camilla now stands
on the bones of a once gorgeously
beautiful woman whose death she
caused together with Charles; and
like him was greatly and gratefully
relieved, when Diana actually died.

Therefore, should someone like myself,
enforcedly British born but ethnically
and saliently culturally, despite my
intensive British background, a thoroughly
mentally liberated Bajan, precisely like all
my fellow Barbadians, with a distinctive,
very staunch, impeccable, and likewise
an implacable, moral conscience; just
because we're similarly so voluntarily
members, of this Commonwealth of
Nations and effectively additionally
in Barbados' case, pertinently also
the wealthy realm, whose profuse
blood, sweat and tears, obviously
and undeniably were themselves
largely amplified by our massive
financial wealth transforming in
excess of four centuries a once
effectively backwater, offshore,
European island, named Britain
into the global empire it clearly
quite ruthlessly, so genocidally
and barbarically, then became.

Consequently, very thoroughly
indelibly, and fundamentally
characteristically, actually
and morally steeped, as I undoubtedly
quite obviously assuredly am relative
to our very intrinsically ethical, Bajan
principles, how could I then possibly
or expediently overlook them; much
less so idiotically and hypocritically
also, pretend otherwise than what I
essentially am by quite egregiously
foreswearing those said principles,
which encompass, and distinguish
my very life? Basically, to celebrate
a most terribly expensive, taxpayer
funded coronation: this, in spite of
those personal, billions of Pounds
Sterling that Charles and similarly
too, an extended privileged family
impudently tax-free have hoarded
away, yet didn't cough up a single
penny relative to their own prized
money stash for this distinctively
unnecessarily, undoubtedly quite
expensive vainglorious jamboree
ostentatiously very spectacularly
obviously for the 'Queen' Camilla
Parker Bowles: also indisputably
her favourably prioritized family;
and pertinently keeping with the
new order of things Charles too,
whose coronation it undeniably
ought to have been pathetically
present to pay his obeisance to
Britain's evil calculating Queen!
Nothing obviously, remotely on
offer from me; nor would there
ever likely to have been or ever
distinctly will, from my cultural
Bajan or British citizenship too
perspectives to a murderously
adulterous ignoble pretension.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 May 2023.

Author's Remark:
It's virtually impossible for a country like Britain that despite the countless millennia that have unquestionably demarcated the differences in gender between the identical species, have serious problems actually recognizing and likewise accepting this demarcation, even when the specific functions of both are evidently delineated.

Frankly, the bulk of the British people and their globally genocidally, convict inured and multifariously barbaric kin are a fucking joke; and as such it's best to leave them to themselves, for as night follows day they'll eventually destroy themselves, and with a positive outlook for the rest of the world that can't come soon enough!

How any set of people can be so bloody stupid, accept information doled out to them that's obviously blatant lies, never bother to check it, accept it unthinkingly and literally adjust their already pathetic lives to accommodate the crap they've been malevolently and likewise clearly avariciously and financially been fed and not suss out they're being used and quite perniciously so is totally beyond any kind of rational comprehension.

And the really ludicrous and stark irony in all of this, is that these intellectually challenged, quite dimwitted, incredibly gullible, absolutely toxically verminous scum go around with their multitude of bastards who glaringly, most pathetically themselves don't for the most part don't even know who their own biological fathers are and significantly too likewise neither do most of their biological mothers, not only have the sheer audacity to show horn Harry, Meghan and their own children into every bloody click bait Daily Mail story released to them and whether it has any relevance or even mention in it relative to Meghan and Harry - so utterly compulsively obsessed are these sad losers in life!

Yet the inured fawning to their risibly monarchical: Queen Camilla and King Consort Charles, as well as other quite obviously hereditarily perceived social betters that their deeply class entrenched classism envelopes them in aside, further delude themselves that they're all of them quite irrefutably members of this pathetically insane white master race. Dream on controlled losers!

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