Brooke Harris

What Is Pain? - Poem by Brooke Harris

Pain is the broken heart from another.
Pain is when the sorrow bubbles
out of the well of your heart,
and drowns you in gut wrenching hurt.
Pain is from the sharp stares
and ugly looks cast upon you by your peers.
It is when you sit alone with no one near.
Pain is the hollow inside (your heart) waiting to be filled,
the canyon of doubt we sometimes throw ourselves into.
It is the long road, blocked with uncertainty.
This is pain.
It is real and lives inside us each day.
Pain is sometimes the last breath we take,
and the sometimes the first.
It is the starving children,
the broken spirit.
Pain is deep and cuts,
but we become stronger when we learn
to overcome this feeling.
While pain may always be a part of our lives,
we should always try to inser happiness and
joy into our hearts.
We shouldn’t crumble or shatter under
its forever presence (pressure) .
That is what pain is.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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