What Is Sexy? Poem by Daniel Hooks

What Is Sexy?

What is sexy?
This does vex me.
Naked women in the magazines sometimes cuts the mustard.
But a woman who loves me gets me flustered.
Women in magazines don’t have sexuality (only the sexuality to please me)
They are 2d from the pic I don’t know their personality.
They can’t touch me or be there when life hurts
Tell me I look good or buy me (bad?) shirts.
But they can’t argue or disagree.
Or get angry at me-
When I leave the toilet seat up when I pee.
They can’t be there at the special times
Or comment on how good my poem rhymes.
Their pictures just hide under my bed.
When I want them to touch me I have to use my imagination instead
So I am undecided
My mind is divided
But I still want a real woman just with the good points.
Or with bad points.
I can put up with

Gina PrettyBrownEyes 26 January 2006

it's nice of you to say real women have good points too. it makes us feel special.... i like how you're still deciding which side you're going to take when the poem ends. it lets the reader make their own conclusion

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