Vampires Invitation Poem by Daniel Hooks

Vampires Invitation

Rating: 4.5

Your eyes are dark
They hide your darkness within
Waiting to ousted
Your lips red like a rose
Full and bee stung
Your pose inviting me to take a bite
Come to me and be a creature of the night

I’d like to kiss your neck with butterfly bites
Hold you tight
In a death grip
Lead you to the undeath with breathless sighs of
Deep within your soul as you stare into my ageless eyes

I’ll hold you tight as I bite
Caress you as you fall
As the death calls
I’ll let you feed on me
Finally when you are sleeping
I take you to my tomb
I’ll be your groom you my bride
We will hide from the sun that you need no more
Then when the pale moon rises we will hand in hand
Under its light
I’ll be your eyes your sight
The most important light in your eternity
Nothing will touch you my eternal red rose
As this is life you chose
When you invited me to take a bite

Alison Mary Dunn 23 December 2008

'We will hide from the sun that you need no more'. I luv the words in this poem. You have written this so well that the imortal is believable. Stunningly sensuous and gripped me from beginning to end.

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Lorena Walker 22 June 2007

I really like this poem but I do love vampires. I have tried a few times to write about vampires but they never turn out this good. Nice job!

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purple moon 22 June 2007

i like.........very passionate and seductive. but very scary. well done

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