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The love songs I used to sing for you
now just seem like shattered words,
the white doves that followed us along the beaches
now seem like ordinary birds,

I love you because you're the other half
that makes me whole,
when we're apart
I feel helpless and out of control,

She tried to warn me
right from the start,
she said she had a friend
that had stolen her heart,

I've always known she was taken
but something about her made me keep trying,
I used to flatter her with sweet pleasantries
knowing she would read between the lines,

Sometimes we sort through the shattered pieces
with hopes of finding something still intact,
despite the excruciating pain we went through,
we always find ourselves looking back,

They get started by certain people
that run their mouths without the facts,
they take a story they've overheard
and begin to add to it or subtract,


I've sailed around the world twice

They're gone but never forgotten
abandoned out at sea,
some severely beaten by past storms
others stuck in misery,

Something must've happened over time
no one seem to ever ask for me,
maybe I've lost my significance
or the world's going through a catastrophe,

I just want to say 'thank you', Lord
and know that I truly understand,
how lost I would've been
if you weren't holding my hand,

When my time here on earth expires
I won't have any regrets,
because by having met you
I was finally given the opportunity to know what

I will always stand by your side
even if the whole world was against you,
I would plant you a garden of roses
if I thought it would convince you,

I've watched you travel back and forth
searching for your comfort zone,
instead of reaching out to lend a hand,
I let you stumble from home to home,

I'm saddened and totally confused
not knowing where she's gone,
my days have all been cloud-filled
my nights hasn't been as warm,

I've won numerous batting titles
and 'MVP' rings,
by baseball standards
I've accomplished everything,

I would sit him down and tell him to include God in everything he does
first and foremost. I would then remind him how important
it is to get a good education. I would tell him there will come a time when he must

I once sat in an audience
with elderly men,
I promised them I would die
and come back again,

When I look at the road from which I came
and the bridges I had to cross
the mountains I was asked to climb
and rivers I swam across,

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Writing poetry has always been one of my favorite hobbies. After reading poems early on by the likes of William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Langston Hughes, just to name a few, I became fascinated with the art. I wanted the world to read my material with hopes, they'd find mine entertaining as well. I'm not sure how far I can go with this, but as long as I continue to live, I will always have a reason to write. Hopefully, my love and passion for the art is exemplified in my writing! Please check out my first published book 'A Part Of Me' vol.1, which was published in April 2009 at

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'Without You'

The love songs I used to sing for you
now just seem like shattered words,
the white doves that followed us along the beaches
now seem like ordinary birds,
the sunshine doesn't seem as bright anymore
the moonlight seem to have lost it's glow,
the ocean I once thought was so smooth and romantic
now has an unusual flow,
the raindrops we used to listen to
no longer has that pleasant tone,
nothing seems to be what it used to
since you've been gone,
I've tried everything I could think of
but nothing's the same without you
I just want to enjoy the beautiful things in life again
the way you and I once used to.

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Bernard Snyder 23 November 2016

Grab a copy of my new book 'Ahead of My Time'. Available at Amazon. Thank you in advance!

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La Donna Woods 13 July 2016

Bernard Snyder is a force to be reckoned with! Point blank! He writes from his heart and soul. Surely should be recognized as one of the best! His poetry is poignant humorous, and mesmerizing! The world shouldn't want to get enough of his work! Enjoy him world! ! ! 16556

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Charity Nduhiu 23 July 2014

It is such a touching poem i hope things will be as they used to be. Nice poem Ben

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Rekha Mandagere 07 March 2011

'Spirit of Renaissance is back to earth once again'. I love reading your poems which reflect clarity of expression and well thought words..

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Bernard Snyder Quotes

'Get Your Mind Right' 'You won't ever find a perfect person. There isn't such a thing. However, you will meet people that will treat you right, do all the right things, and might even be a perfect fit for you. But because your mind is so contorted, you'd probably miss out on the opportunity, simply because, according to you, they still weren't perfect enough'

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Bernard Snyder Popularity

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