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What Love Feels Like - The Whole Body Orgasm Pt3 - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

Some of you have asked for part three so here goes.

Here we want to expand upon part 2.

The point to be demonstrated is that the whole body organism can be achieved without touching or very little touching.
Correct breathing causes orgasms, and with mental readiness.

Why should this be so?

Well lets do an exercise to see if this theory makes any sense.
However do not do this alone, since results can be tricky. Have a friend nearby and I make no claim and caution those who do not follow the advice given here.

First no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs. These mask mind and body feelings and blunt the effect we are trying to achieve, that is a body quake.

First have a quiet space and time to try this. Don't want the neighbors to call 911.
Lie back and move to a vulnerable position, that is spread-eagle. We want you to feel as vulnerable as possible and spread eagle is best.

Think of it as making snow angels.

Hands above the head, feet spread and then begin slow breathing, big inhale and big slow exhale to the point where the diaphragm begins to shake.
Crucially keep the diaphragm soft on the exhale. A rigid diaphragm means you are not doing it correctly.

Pay attention to your breathing. Shallow breathing creates low brain oxygen and that is bad. Do deep breathing, slowly but really emphasize the exhale.

Do ten of these and pay attention to what your body is reflecting back to you.

Dizziness, tingling, giddiness, feelings of sadness, feelings of laughter, or disorientation may occur. You might try panting if the slow breathing does not work.

Press on but if frighten, stop breathing for a while and work up to that edge point again and press on past it at your own pace. It could be another night before you try it again. No hurry.

Don't have to do everything in one session.
Next you want to let your pelvis move up on the exhale. This is a natural reflex and response to breathing and is of course a sexual movement.
Your pelvis is moving up and back toward your head with a soft diaphragm.
Do you allow this during sex? If not practice. Up and back not down and away.
A relaxed genital makes the sex and the orgasm go down better.
A rigid pelvis, bated breath and a hard diaphragm will not an orgasm make.
So here we were breathing and now we want to get the hang of it and go twenty deep breaths and so on.
Our initial goal is getting up to fifty.

Deep exhale, soft diaphragm, active pelvis, spread eagle.

After fifty you want another factor to come into play, that of the relaxed
middle area.

To achieve a relaxed middle area you may have to tuck your feet underneath your buttocks if you can do that.
Bend the feet backwards so heels touch buttocks and tuck underneath.

his will force the middle area to relax. Breath in this position for a while to get the hang of it.

Now breathing like this works not only during a session but is excellent to ward off panic attacks, fear, anger etc.
Take a deep breath is always good advice.

This exercise is not really new. It is like Yoga. Yoga, however, seeks control over breathing, here we are not seeking control but seeking to discover our body and its sexual responses and its 'blocks' which often reside in our muscles, our face, our eyes, our hands, our genitals, our diaphragm. These are where we carry our harms and hurts from the past and breathing allows them to be released.

The attitude and posture in all of this is surrender and softening up the body, not rigid, .resisting and fighting.
Now breathing may be difficult for people who, like runners, already have deep breathing patterns. They might need muscle manipulations on specific areas of the body to bring out the muscle history where the tensions reside and breathing alone is sometimes not enough them. A partner might need to help and I will talk about how that works later.

Also if a partner might be helpful if deep breathing doesn't work for you, But more on partner helping later in part four.

But we are now primed for the next step in either case.

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