Saturday, July 15, 2006

What Muslims You Are?

Well over the years
On this earth
What muslims I have met
Preaching jehad
While attacking others
Were in the Quran does it say
Torment everyday

Were in Quran does
It say destroy thy neighbour

Islam gives forgiveness
To those who need it
But some should practise
What they preach

Before handing out
To others
When they are hiding behind the Quran
Which they have not read
if they
this war (Islamic terrorism)
Would 've been dead
Ages ago

When they destroyed
All life
With the rubbish going around (Such as Mumbai blasts on 11/07/2006)

So others when you listen to these
terrorism in the name of jehad
And judge
Remember it could be you next

Terrorists don't like
for the truth being written
think before judge
there are two sides to every story

and why I have been attacked
for telling the truth?

(Remember Islamic terrorists{rism} have nothing to do with the Islam and those who follow terrorism in the name of jehad are nothing but the foetus of a virgin mother and an atheist mongrels.)
Mahfooz Ali
***** ********* 15 July 2006
Mahfooz, You describe your feelings on the subject of war very well. A few gramatical errors but otherwise well written. Religion is a collection of faiths imo but all with one aim. Peace and Love. Slaughter on any grounds, is not on the agenda of any decent human beings mind nor religious parchment. Human beings must learn to live in peace, justice and harmony. It is as simple as that. We must share our world and distribute it's bounty more equally. We adults are all responsible and the gaurdians for our children and generations to come. Reasoned negotiation is the only way forward in my opinion. You make many valid points here Mahfooz, but we must not pretend we understand the minds and thoughts of the suicide bomber or so called terrorist imo. We cannot know unless we experience their struggles personally. There are radical extremist opinion and groups throughout the world and these minority groups must be moderated but they need reason to want to. They have sprung from a ground struggle of hunger, despair and injustice. Death, loss and grief can numb any soul. My hope is that we can find a way to all live in peace, it is a vain hope, because it seems through history that man must blood let some way or another. Thanks for bringing another dimension to the view of the terror the world lives under. Good job, Tai
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Anna Russell 15 July 2006
It saddens me what is practised in the name of God. Just as the Crusades and witch hunts were nothing to do with Christianity, Jihad as a form of terrorism is far removed from Islam. Muslims today have so many injustices and prejudices to face that the last thing they should have to do is defend themselves against accusations of warmongering. Terrorist are power hungry murderers - whether they call it Jihad or a War on Terror. Most of us just want peace. Thankyou for pointing that out. Hugs Anna xxx
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