Because I Knew Poem by Mahfooz Ali

Because I Knew

Rating: 3.1

I remember,
as a very young child mom's loving touch.
It had a delightfully delicious feel of warmth
and security upon my senses.

Mom was the beginning and ending of my world.
Happiness was playing on the floor, basking
in the sunshine of her sweet smile.

It seemed everyone loved her, and although
She held many people in her heart, she never ran out
of room or love for with the arrival
of each of her 'three' children, her heart grew
And overflowed with new love.

Mom has long since gone to be with the Allah,
but her memory sings to me over the years of carefree,
laughter-filled days of childhood, where everything
was possible-because I knew mom's love.

Date: 10th/May/'09
Time: 20.30
On Mother's day

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: family life,mother,mother and child
Ashraful Musaddeq 14 May 2009

Very touchy 10++

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Alankar 11 January 2019

family poem

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SylvaOnyema Uba 20 April 2018

...loving touch ...delicious feel of warmth. Nicely written ad well expressed.

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Kavya Manjusha 18 August 2009

This is one of your amazing creations... As I was reading it I could feel the warmth of mother's love. this has really come out of your heart... each and every emotion is well carved with perfect choice of words.. Simply Wonderful..

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Anjali Sinha 23 May 2009

yeh u will not forget mom who can? -10 anjali

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Surya . 14 May 2009

remembarance of a proud son.touching write. voted 10 for u. surya

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Mahfooz Ali

Mahfooz Ali

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