What Poetry Means To Me Poem by vern eaker

What Poetry Means To Me

Rating: 2.8

Poetry what does it mean to me?
Much more than a fancy way to speak
Allows others to feel things inside of me
Through thoughtfully chosen word
Telling of the obscure and the absurd

Painting with words pictures in your mind
Vivid thoughts that I often rhyme
Bringing an excitement and appreciation to what I say
Or filled with emotions forcing you to feel
So much more that my words are real

People speak without feeling all of the time
Communicating without feeling leaves nothing said
We pay no attention we pay no mind
In written word I can not whisper or shout
Description brings these actions out inside your head

Poetry does not require that my words rhyme together
If I can bring forth feeling and emotion using words
Depicting the images I chose you to see brilliant colors
The heat of a fiery red, , supple soft warm shades of yellow
Speckled reflections of a shimmering rippling blue lake

Words used to transform words have mighty power
Conjuring images of quick color changing leaves on trees
Moves you through time consuming weeks in a single moment
Expression decides if that saddens you or brings great joy
Like children giggling in the falling leaves,
Blown from the branches, in autumns mighty breeze

I simply adore the power of words, properly used
Not spewed expletives or intended to abuse
The poetic gentleness, the smooth versed flow
Rhyming again as if their on show
Displayed for the world to see
To me that’s poetry.

vern eaker

vern eaker

Illinois U.S.A.
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