Whats My Fault Poem by Asimuzzaman Asim

Whats My Fault

What is the shebang with you, my guiltless love?
What cure is there for your sorrows, my love?

I desire you and you turn away
tell me lord what's amiss with my love,

I can tell you plainly pretty well
obtest me what amiss I've done to you, my love,

There is no one here beside you
Why all the scuffle then? accost me for God's sake, my love,

You've green-leaved roses. Where did they come from?
On a breeze from the clouds? Tell me, my love,

I was hoping you'd be faithful to me
What faithful! says to me my love,

Be a well wisher and people will wish you well
What more a hermit could say, accost me my love,

I am ripe to renunciation my whole sprit to you
But don't know how to pray to get back my love.

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