Dónall Dempsey

Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.
Dónall Dempsey
Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.

When She Kisses Me...I Sure Stay Kissed

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Many people have wrote in and asked just what’s in…what exactly is...the essence of...a Janice kiss. And I am at a loss…to explain...just what it is that it...is.

“Well..? ” I stutter “...it’s.. it’s...why it’s...this & this & this..”
& words fail in their task and fall away into restlessness.

It’s not an a noun you see…or an adjective you know…it’s more a verb…a doing thing.

If ya know what I mean...no...neither do I!

Wordless, for once, I returned back to bed to dream of her kiss…because it’s...it’s kinda like a dream... it’s...it’s...oh bigggles it (a harmless expletive used in place of the more familiar labio dental fricative) anyway!

While I slept and slept(moaning in my sleep) as the dream kissed & kissed me) the words(seeing my distress) took pity upon me and took it upon themselves to take themselves in hand and arranged themselves into some sense or semblance of order to describe the un-describable.

I was touched.

I said: “Words...words...thank you so much! ”

It wasn’t up to scratch of course but I didn’t say so...after all they had done their level best and they at least had made a better fist of it than I had done without the use of their human.

Here, is what the words spoke:


She, hides her kiss
in a whisper

like a little breeze
hides amongst a tree’s leaves

& then
coaxing me


she unleashes the kiss
letting it leap out

at me

in the sudden squall
of a smile

her lips
all surprises

my heart blowing on down
the road

like a happy hat
running away from home

the hair
on its owner’s head

jumping crazily up
& madly down

? ? ? like question mark? ? ?
! ! ! exclamation mark! ! !

the storm of her
(my heart’s desire)

coming to rest
nestling itself

amongst all her
lovely laughter.



Your lips

it’s as if
I hear a voice speak:

”Ok! What am I
bid! ”

“Lot No.1
Item - a pair of lips

(the genuine article)

whisperer of words
so loving

why they’ll take ya apart
in a tick ‘n’ put ya back

than you were before.


Maker of kisses
(so hot)

they’ll melt ya down
to the wick

and when they’ve uncreated ya
why they’ll re-create ya

once more

than ya were before.

to be
(to be sure) ! ”

I twitch
(bidding’s started at a million)

raise a finger
almost imperceptibly

(it’s rising...rising...all the time)

raise an eyebrow
in a James Bond/Roger Mooreish
kinda way

(it’s gone past an amount that I can count) .

It’s going
up & up

(now it stands at way past priceless) .

Finally, the auctioneer
(Love, for yea it is he)

in ringing authoritarian tones

brings the gavel

with an almighty

making my heart jump.

“Sold! ”

“To the man in the trance
levitating off the floor! ”

I gladly
pay the asking price

& pay
in love


Monday, September 22, 2008
Janice Windle 22 September 2008
Oh Dónall. you transport me there, all the way!
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